Drones are now rapidly replacing cherry pickers and scaffolding for inspecting roofs and tall buildings. They can also provide ground surveys for an increasing number of applications. This is due to the lower costs of using drones for surveying and the reduced risk of not requiring staff to work at heights.

Sky Shutter Media are able to fly close to buildings, and into awkward positions where other means of access may not be safe, appropriate or cost effective. We can provide detailed high definition pictures of buildings and structures where access towers, cherry pickers and scaffold may not be viable.

Our inspection aircraft are fitted with ultra high resolution sensors, allowing us to capture detailed images and footage from dangerous and/or hard-to-reach places. This data can then be inspected, analysed and actioned from the safety and comfort of the ground or office. We also have the option of carrying a calibrated thermal camera for detailed thermal reporting.

Inspections with a drone comes with many benefits.

  • Safety: We can capture in hard to reach areas and at heights of up to 400 feet (sometimes higher with CAA approval).

  • Speed: Within minutes of capturing, we can be reviewing the results.

  • Recorded: Detailed images and data can be retained permanently, then directly compared with previous and future assessments.

Ariel Inspection
Ariel Inspection
Ariel Inspection
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